How To Stop Diarrhea In Dogs | #1 Best Dog Food For Diarrhea

by Sarah | Last Updated: March 30, 2021

Today we are going to discuss a “fun” topic – how to stop diarrhea in dogs.

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We are going to look at how to stop your dog’s occasional diarrhea or persistent diarrhea. We will explore available home treatments and the most effective remedies you need to quickly get your dog back in good health. Make sure to check your dog bowl for scratches or cracks where bacteria can grow.

When it comes to dog health, diarrhea is an illness that deserves a pet owner’s full attention. This is especially true when the condition affects puppies and dogs in the latter stages of life. Recurring bouts of diarrhea put a dog at risk for severe dehydration.

Plus, he or she is losing any chance at gaining the necessary nutrients for staying healthy. Left unchecked, it can lead to a whole new host of other health problems; and, in the most severe cases, death.

The reason behind recurring episodes of this illness can easily perplex dog owners. It may seem like no matter what medicines and different dog food brands you use, the signs of improvement are always short-lived.

This can not only be frustrating but costly, thanks to repeated trips to the vet and experimenting with a broad spectrum of different high-end specialty foods. All the while, a beloved companion suffers through the cycle over and over again. You just want to know how to stop diarrhea in dogs fast.

How to Stop Occasional Diarrhea in Dogs

So what can you do for your dog to stop occasional diarrhea?

Fasting is the first treatment to try as fasting is a powerful healing technique. The digestive system has what’s known as a gastrocolic reflex. As your dog’s stomach fills, the reflex causes the colon to empty.

So, fast your dog for 24 hours with only water, avoiding all food.

This will give the digestive tract a well-deserved rest. This rest in itself is a very healthy thing to do. Your dog’s liver now has a chance to detoxify and reset.

If you have a tiny dog that may be prone to hypoglycemia (blood sugar (glucose) level is lower than normal), it may start feeling weak and trembly while fasting. If this happens, feed her a few licks of some raw honey every hour or as needed.

Only use filtered or spring water available to drink during the fast and add a few leaves of fresh mint.

Natural Dog Diarrhea Remedy

Dr. Goodpet Diar-Relief is a good homeopathic to use for how to stop diarrhea in dogs.
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They should be used at the first signs of diarrhea and come as liquids.

If diarrhea has stopped after a 24 hour fast, some meat or vegetable broth with a pinch of Himalayan Mountain salt in it should be given to your dog. Avoid giving too much at first, and if after several drinks over the next six hours without issue, you can introduce some dry food. You will also notice your dog’s spirits and activity back up to normal.

How to Stop Diarrhea In Dogs At Home

Before reintroducing regular dog food again to your dog:
Buy some Firm UP supplement or make up your own pumpkin mash.

Your dog will return to normal after a meal or two of this mixture.

Himalayan Pink Mountain Salt is inexpensive and finely ground, pure food-grade salt.
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As a side note, many people are now starting to use Himalayan for their entire household over regular table salt.

As you can see, we like Firm Up as a remedy for how to stop diarrhea in dogs. It is a great remedy for dogs that suffer from occasional diarrhea. Firm Up is made from dried pumpkin and apple fiber, and dogs generally love the taste.

Firm Up is simple to add to your dog’s food. We recommend you premix it with water if you add it to kibble to get more moisture into your dog. This is because dogs on a kibble diet tend to be dehydrated.
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Persistent Dog Diarrhea Remedies

If your dog has persistent diarrhea, follow the same treatment.

  1. Fast your dog for 24hrs and mix the following recipe depending on your dog’s size
  2. For large dogs, mix a one-rounded Tbsp. of Slippery Elm with eight oz of cold water.
  3. Bring the Slippery Elm mixture to a boil and then reduce heat to low and simmer for 3 minutes.
  4. Add 1 Tbsp of raw honey after you remove the mix from the heat.
  5. Give your dog 2 to 4 tsp every 4 hrs.

For medium dogs, half the amount.
And, for small dogs, a quarter of the amounts given.

It works like a charm.

If your dog gets frequent or persistent diarrhea with complications like lethargy, fever, bloat, or blood in the stool, call your veterinarian.

Best Dog Food For Diarrhea

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach

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Hills’s Science Diet dry Dog food promotes digestive health and is a prebiotic fiber source to support a balanced gut microbiome in your grown dog. The #1 veterinarian recommended and made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust.

To remedy the underlying cause of your dog’s diarrhea or to transition your dog to a healthier diet, we recommend Dog Food Secrets.

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Many times, dog parents dealing with their dogs’ persistent diarrhea will switch dog food brands hoping that things will change.

Nine times out of ten, this does nothing more than add chemicals back into the dog’s system and starts the whole cycle all over again.

The good news is, to overcome this problem, you don’t need to change brands of kibble, but by adding certain extras to your dog’s kibble meals, you’ll quickly solve the problem long-term.

That’s why Dog Food Secrets helps dog owners reclaim their dogs health from the persistent health problems like diarrhea that plague so many dogs.

It works wonders for dogs with diarrhea, and within days, you’ll notice it simply stops. You now have the perfect opportunity for you and your dog to experience reinvigorated health and quality of life.
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Dog Food Secrets is the perfect compliment on how to stop diarrhea in dogs of any age. A special thanks to Dan Scott on YouTube.